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Traffic Control Devices

How can the laws concerning traffic control devices be broken?

Traffic control devices include the variety of items and methods used to ensure that drivers are following the rules and regulations of the road in order to maintain a sense of control over roadways. Common types of traffic control devices include stop signs, yield signs, crosswalks, traffic lights, and others. Failure to adhere to Florida traffic laws regarding traffic control devices can result in a traffic ticket which can have any number of consequences depending on the particular infraction. A skilled Florida traffic ticket lawyer may be in the best position to assist cited offenders in minimizing or altogether avoiding the penalties associated with the failure to adhere to traffic control devices.

Although many drivers are well aware of the various traffic control devices that exist to keep traffic moving or to keep drivers safe on the road, there are plenty of vague areas of the law. These unclear areas give law enforcement officials the ability to cite drivers for traffic violations they did not necessarily commit. Those drivers who simply pay their citations admit their guilt when they do, and there are options available to individuals who wish to contest their ticket in court.

Avoid Maximum Penalties for Infractions Related to Traffic Control Devices

Golden Traffic Ticket Law is a full-service law firm that focuses on Florida traffic laws in an effort to help clients to avoid the various penalties associated with an infraction. The firm has successfully represented individuals in cases involving speeding, no passing zone, registration violations, improper lane changes, open containers, DUI and others. Many firms make it difficult to speak directly with a lawyer, but Golden Traffic Ticket Law affords clients the ability to talk personally with Attorney Golden when the need arises. You can find out more in a free consultation by calling (954) 680-7575. Attorney Golden proudly served two terms as a member of the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee, which means the firm does more than just dabble in traffic law. We are serious about defending alleged offenders facing a traffic violation, and we are dedicated to each and every client's case here at the firm.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket lawyer if you have been cited for violating one of Florida's many traffic control device requirements, and need to bring the matter up with an experienced professional that can help you to avoid the consequences of guilt.

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