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Lake County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Legal Aid in Lake County

If you have received a citation for violating a traffic ordinance, the best person to speak with may be a Lake County traffic ticket attorney. Contesting your ticket may have greater benefits than simply paying your fine. A ticket defense lawyer from Golden Traffic Ticket Law can give you useful advice so that you can make an informed decision regarding your citation.

The firm has helped over 50,000 people with many different kinds of traffic violations, including failure to yield right of way, expired/no drivers' license and registration violations. They have also assisted clients with speeding tickets, traffic light violations, stop sign violations, driving on a suspended license and driving with revoked license, violations of the move over law, minor driving without license and DUI, as well as leaving the scene of an accident, open container, citations involving traffic control devices, improper lane change tickets, careless/reckless driving and no passing zone tickets.

Attorney Golden is a seasoned ticket defense advocate that will speak with you directly and answer all of your questions. Call him today at (954) 680-7575. He proudly served two terms as a member of the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee and will make sure you have the best defense possible.

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Traffic ticket penalties can be extremely harsh, including the suspension of your driver's license when you accumulate too many points. The state's point system mandates a minimum license suspension for 30 days when a person is assessed 12 points during a year, a 90-day suspension for 18 points during an 18 month period, and a year-long driver's license suspension if you accrue 24 points over a period of 36 months. Why take the chance of ruining your driving record and losing your driving privileges?

Golden Traffic Ticket Law provides clients with high-quality service, including a 100% money back guarantee that you will not have to go to driving school, you will not accumulate points on your record, you will not have to appear in court and you will not be found guilty of a civil traffic infraction. Some restrictions may apply, call for details. Their fees are also very reasonable. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you only pay a one-time flat rate of $49 to $199 (excluding fines or court costs which are additional), even if the case requires multiple court appearances. We urge you to contact Attorney Golden for a free consultation by calling (954) 680-7575.

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Contact a Lake County traffic ticket attorney for determined representation if you have been issued a traffic ticket.

The physical office location (for purposes of creating a hard copy file) is in Broward County. However, we can handle all of your traffic matters in all of the above referenced 19 counties throughout the State of Florida. In all cases, court coverage is provided by highly qualified traffic law attorney who is extremely knowledgeable as to local rules and procedures and have extensive experience. Call the office today, and we can help you with your ticket over the phone in just a few moments.

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