100% Guarantee *Some restrictions apply, call for details. Please note that fines/court costs may apply, and are additional.

Nassau County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Fighting Your Traffic Ticket or Violation in FL

Have you been ticketed in Nassau County, FL? Golden Traffic Ticket Law provides the dedicated legal representation that you need in order to keep your driving record clean. Nassau County traffic ticket attorney, John S. Golden, Esq., has handled over 50, 000 traffic cases and served two terms on the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee.

There is no case too complicated for the firm to handle. Golden Traffic Ticket Law has had success advocating for clients accused of various traffic violations, including, but not limited to:

100% Money Back Guarantee

Golden Traffic Ticket Law knows what it takes to create a successful case strategy. Working closely with each of their clients, in most cases, the firm offers a 100% money back guarantee that you will not have to go to driving school, will not be guilty of your traffic violation, will not be penalized with any points on your record, and will not have to go to court. The fees usually range from $49 to $149 depending on the type of ticket you received. Some restrictions apply to this offer, so please contact the firm for more details.

Receive your free initial case evaluation with Golden Traffic Ticket Law today.

How The Firm Can Help

At Golden Traffic Ticket Law, the firm's sole focus is to advocate on behalf of their clients and to protect their driving privileges. They realize the difficulties associated with facing any kind of traffic ticket.

Golden Traffic Ticket Law knows the ins and outs of Florida's traffic laws, giving their clients the advantage when their case goes to court. They also understand that if handled incorrectly, a traffic violation could increase your insurance rate or even cause you to lose the right to drive if you have prior citations on your record. Let them work with you towards a positive solution; they will take whatever legal actions necessary to combat your charges.

Keep the Points off Your Record—Contact Us!

Attorney Golden wants to remind you that in the eyes of the law, you are not automatically guilty. With the right defense strategies, you may be able to walk away without a stain on your record and without having to pay a single fine.

It is important to understand that the firm has years of experience handling cases in this specific field of law. If you chose to entrust your case with the firm, you can rest easy knowing you will receive the customer service and solid legal representation you deserve.

Fight your ticket and keep your record clean! Contact Golden Traffic Ticket Law today for a free consultation from a knowledgeable Nassau County lawyer.

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The physical office location (for purposes of creating a hard copy file) is in Broward County. However, we can handle all of your traffic matters throughout the State of Florida. In all cases, court coverage is provided by highly qualified traffic law attorney who is extremely knowledgeable as to local rules and procedures and have extensive experience. Call the office today, and we can help you with your ticket over the phone in just a few moments.

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