100% Guarantee *Some restrictions apply, call for details. Please note that fines/court costs may apply, and are additional.

Monroe County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Do you need to fight a traffic ticket in Monroe County?

Do you have a traffic ticket and need to fight back? The Monroe County traffic ticket lawyer you choose to represent you can have a significant impact on the final outcome in court. At Golden Traffic Ticket Law, we have a vast amount of experience, having served for clients in over 50,000 traffic ticket cases throughout the state.

A Monroe County traffic ticket lawyer from the firm represents individuals throughout the area in all types of traffic violations, including speeding, traffic light violations, stop sign violations, issues involving driving with a suspended license, driving with revoked license, violations of the move over law, and represent young drivers accused of the charge of a minor driving without license. Attorney Golden proudly served two terms as a member of the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee and has a great depth of knowledge about defending all types of traffic violations. We serve individuals facing serious traffic violations throughout the towns and cities in Monroe County.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee in civil traffic infractions (some restrictions apply, call for details). We guarantee the following or your money back:

  • You will NOT be found guilty!
  • You will NOT have to appear in court!
  • You will NOT have to attend driving school!
  • You will NOT get any points on your permanent driving record!

If you are accused of DUI, leaving the scene, or carrying an open container, you are facing very severe consequences under Florida state law. It is important that you act quickly and engage the services of our firm so we can review the evidence and determine the strategy to employ for your defense at once. If you are accused of failure to yield the right of way, operating a vehicle with an expired/no drivers' license, or registration violations, or legal issues involving traffic control devices, we have the experience and dedication you need in court.

We also help those who have a traffic violation for an improper lane change, for careless/reckless driving, violations in a no passing zone, and are very familiar with addressing the dangerous threat to your freedom in bench warrants. The point system can lead to the loss of your legal right to operate a vehicle if you have a series of serious traffic violations. Our affordable rates and individual service is an advantage when you face the threat of losing your license and all the costs involved in fines, transportation costs, and even losses of employment for those who must drive as part of their work duties. We offer a free consultation with Attorney Golden, and you can call us to discuss your case at (954) 680-7575.

Contact a Monroe County traffic ticket lawyer from our firm for immediate legal assistance in traffic violations and DUI and other serious charges.

The physical office location (for purposes of creating a hard copy file) is in Broward County. However, we can handle all of your traffic matters in all of the above referenced 19 counties throughout the State of Florida. In all cases, court coverage is provided by highly qualified traffic law attorney who is extremely knowledgeable as to local rules and procedures and have extensive experience. Call the office today, and we can help you with your ticket over the phone in just a few moments.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the 100% money-back guarantee offered by Golden Traffic Ticket Law?

Golden Traffic Ticket Law offers a 100% money-back guarantee for civil traffic infractions, with some restrictions. In most cases, this guarantee ensures that you will not be found guilty, will not have to appear in court, will not have to attend driving school, and will not receive any points on your permanent driving record, or your money back. This promise can give you peace of mind and confidence in our ability to effectively handle your traffic ticket case.

Why should I choose Golden Traffic Ticket Law for my traffic ticket defense in Monroe County?

We have handled over 50,000 traffic ticket cases across Florida, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for civil traffic infractions, and we charge affordable rates while offering personalized service. which makes us a reliable choice for defending your driving rights.

How quickly should I contact Golden Traffic Ticket Law after receiving a traffic ticket in the Monreo County area?

It is crucial to contact Golden Traffic Ticket Law as soon as possible after receiving a traffic ticket in Monroe County or a nearby area. Your prompt action would allow our team to review the evidence and determine the best defense strategy for your case.

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