100% Guarantee *Some restrictions apply, call for details. Please note that fines/court costs may apply, and are additional.

Miami-Dade County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Need to defend against a traffic ticket? We can help.

Golden Traffic Ticket Law provides legal representation to individuals who want to fight back against all types of traffic citations in Miami-Dade County. Our firm's lead attorney, Mr. John Golden, proudly served two terms as a member of the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee and has represented individuals in over 50,000 traffic ticket cases.

We can offer you skill, a great depth of experience in traffic law, and our aggressive approach in defending traffic tickets, which can be highly effective in court.

Call (954) 680-7575 or contact online for help from a ticket attorney in Miami-Dad Couty!

Is Hiring a Miami Dade Traffic Attorney Worth it?

The rates we offer are exceptionally affordable, and often far less than you could expect to pay in increased insurance rates, fines, court fees and all other costs associated with a conviction making hiring a traffic attorney worth it.

We urge you to contact a Miami-Dade County traffic ticket lawyer from our firm at once if you need to take action and are hoping to avoid the consequences of a conviction. We guarantee our services on most civil traffic infractions. Some restrictions may apply and can be discussed during your consultation. In most of these cases, we GUARANTEE or you get your money back:

  • You will NOT be found guilty.
  • You will NOT have to appear in court
  • You will NOT have to attend driving school.
  • Most importantly - you will NOT get any points on your permanent driving record.

Defense Lawyer for Traffic Tickets in Miami-Dade County

If you have a traffic ticket for speeding, traffic light violations, stop sign violations, or a legal issue involving a suspended license, we are very familiar with how to proceed on your behalf. If you are accused of the crime of driving with revoked license, the move over law, or a young person charged with minor driving without a license, our firm can give you the experienced legal representation you really need in court. More serious offenses such as DUI, leaving the scene, offenses involving an open container, you want to know that your legal representation will help you fight for every possible advantage from the moment your case is taken on, and we will.

If you have a traffic ticket for a failure to yield right of way, an expired/no drivers' license, registration violations, or are accused of a violation involving traffic control devices, an improper lane change, careless/reckless driving, passing in a no passing zone, or have outstanding tickets and could be picked up on a bench warrant, we can help. The point system can lead to the complete loss of the legal right to drive for many months, years or even longer for some people. It is vital that you take action before the issue progresses further through the system.

The firm is focused strictly on Florida traffic law, and our lead attorney graduated Summa Cum Laude from law school. Our office is not a large "mill" in which you will just pay and be processed. You will be speaking directly with Attorney Golden. We handle traffic ticket cases throughout the state of Florida, including Miami-Dade County. Mr. Golden and his of counsel attorneys have a combined 35 years in practice and are prepared to discuss your case on an immediate basis. For a free consultation with Attorney Golden, call (954) 680-7575.

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Contact a Miami-Dade County traffic ticket attorney from Golden Traffic Ticket Law has the experience and knowledge you need.

The physical office location (for purposes of creating a hard copy file) is in Broward County. However, we can handle all of your traffic matters in all of the above referenced 19 counties throughout the State of Florida. In all cases, court coverage is provided by highly qualified traffic law attorney who is extremely knowledgeable as to local rules and procedures and have extensive experience. Call the office today, and we can help you with your ticket over the phone in just a few moments.

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