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Stop Sign Violations

What constitutes a stop sign violation in Florida?

If you have a citation for a stop sign violation, you can call our office at (954) 680-7575 and have the ticket reviewed immediately by our firm. As you will face 3 points on your license if you are convicted of failing to stop at a stop sign, this can be a critical issue with regard to your ability to keep your driver's license in force if you already have points. Many stop sign violations may come down to the opinion of a law enforcement officer, and this is a point that could be contested by a Florida traffic ticket lawyer who understands the law.

The penalties associated with stop sign violations are mostly financial, and can also come in the form of points to your drivers' license as per the point system. It is important to have a keen understanding of the law as it applies to your specific circumstances if you want to fight your citation in court. A qualified Florida traffic ticket attorney can provide invaluable insight into whether your infraction is legitimate and the likelihood of court dismissal. Many individuals assume they have broken the law when they receive a citation for a traffic violation and pay their required fines without ever knowing that it may have not been necessary.

How can I avoid liability for my stop sign citation?

The best measure any ticketed driver may take against an unjust traffic violation such as running a stop sign is to enlist the services of a skilled attorney. The attorney and of counsel attorneys at Golden Traffic Ticket Law have over 35 years of combined experience with traffic violations throughout Florida, both complicated and simple, and have been able to assist many clients in avoiding the penalties associated with their infractions. Golden Traffic Ticket Law focuses on violations such as speeding, driving with a suspended license, DUI, registration violations and much more, and their dedicated legal professionals may be able to provide you with the representation you need to successfully avoid the consequences of your stop sign violation.

We are easy to reach and are here to help you. You can talk to Attorney Golden in a free consultation by calling (954) 680-7575.

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