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Florida No Passing Zone Infractions Attorney

What Constitutes a No Passing Zone Violation in Florida?

No passing zones are roadway areas where drivers are not legally authorized to pass other vehicles and are common in many different scenarios such as construction zones, school zones or one-lane roads that expressly forbid passing as indicated by a solid dividing line in the road.

Drivers who are cited for failure to obey a no passing zone can expect to receive a traffic ticket and pay fines and face additional consequences down the road if they choose not to enlist the support of a Florida no passing zone infraction lawyer who is educated and experienced in the way of defending against these charges.

Violating the Florida no passing zone law can result in financial penalties associated with the citation itself as well as administrative costs that are tacked on. Points may also be added to the drivers' license which can have a cumulative effect that results in a suspended license or worse.

For commercial drivers, the impact of a no passing zone violation can have especially disastrous effects and may actually inhibit one's ability to find work. No matter the situation, it is critical to have a solid defense against these charges in order to protect yourself from the many negative consequences that can arise from this type of moving violation.

Achieving Victory in a No Passing Zone Citation Defense

Golden Traffic Ticket Law understands how Florida traffic law works and has dedicated the entire practice to helping clients fight citations related to speeding, no passing zones, driving with a suspended license, DUI and much more.

Attorney Golden and his of counsel attorneys have a combined 35 years of experience in defending the rights of drivers across Florida and can develop a strategy based on eyewitness testimony or other evidence that may be available. They are available to assist clients in even the most complex cases and can speak with you personally regarding your charges. We offer a free initial consultation with Attorney Golden at (954) 680-7575.

Contact a Florida no passing zone infraction attorney if you have been issued a citation for violating the no passing zone law and want to take legal action to fight the charges levied against you.

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