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Florida Drivers' License Point System

Understanding the Florida Drivers' License Point System

Traffic violation points are a means of keeping Florida drivers aware of the cumulative effect that traffic tickets have on their driving record. When a driver pays a citation for speeding, careless or reckless driving and others, there is an admission of guilt that also results in points being added to your license. If 12 or more points are assessed to a drivers' license within a 12-month period, then driving privileges may be restricted. Subsequent traffic tickets can quickly increase the restriction, and so the need to fight traffic tickets and avoid these points is absolutely critical if you want to maintain your right to drive.

In Florida, different traffic violations carry different point penalties. For example, a speeding offense that results in an accident will warrant a 6-point addition to your license whereas an improper lane change may warrant only 3. In either event, subsequent violations can quickly lead to license restrictions. A Florida traffic ticket lawyer with experience in state traffic laws should have a deep understanding of the Florida points system, should be aware how many points may be assessed to a license for any given infraction, and should also know which measures can be taken to avoid point assessment, and lessen the costs associated with your ticket.

If you have questions about Florida's point system or if you are in need of a Florida traffic ticket lawyer, contact us today!

More Details About Points

In the state of Florida, when you accumulate 12 points in a period of 12 months, your driver's license will be automatically suspended for 30 days. If you accumulate 18 points within 18 months (including points from a 12 point suspension), your license will be automatically suspended for 3 months.

When a person accumulates 24 points within 36 months (including points from a 12 or 18 month suspension), their license will be automatically suspended for one year.

The following are some examples of common infractions and their point values in Florida:

  • Speeding less than 15 mph above the speed limit – 3 points

  • Speeding over 15 mph above the speed limit – 4 points

  • Speeding that results in a collision – 6 points

  • Moving violation that results in a collision – 3 points

  • Passing a stopped school bus – 4 points

  • Reckless driving – 4 points

  • Violating a child restraint law – 3 points

  • Littering – 3 points

  • Hit and run resulting in property damage over $50 – 6 points

Notes for Teen Drivers

For teens who receive a moving violation while they have their Learner's License, their Learner's License will be extended for one year from the date of the conviction, or until their 18th birthday, whichever comes first.

If a driver under the age of 21 is caught with a blood alcohol level of .02% or more, then they will receive an automatic six months administrative suspension.

Under Section 322.091, F.S., students aged 14 and above who accumulate 15 unexcused absences within a 90 calendar day period will have their driver's license suspended until they can prove they have attended school for 30 consecutive school days.

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We are very experienced in defending traffic violations all throughout Florida; often times we can appear in court for you so you don't have to, and in many cases we can dramatically reduce our clients' fines and even prevent points going on their record and major insurance rate hikes.

How to Keep Damaging Points Off of Your License

Golden Traffic Ticket Law has worked for years to provide Florida drivers with the tools they need to find success in court against a wide variety of traffic violations. Attorney Golden and his accomplished of counsel attorneys have a combined 35 years of experience in defending the rights of clients in many different scenarios. Their approach to a sound defense includes diligent research, dedicated service and aggressive execution of a strategy best designed to find your favorable conclusion in court. We are very effective when it comes to finding alternatives to awarding points to your license, and we will work hard to ensure that everything is done to find that success where possible. For a free initial consultation about your citation and how we can help, call (954) 680-7575.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket attorney if you have been issued a citation for a moving or nonmoving traffic violation and need to take action in order to avoid points being added to your license.

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