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Open Container Law Florida

What Identifies an Open Container Violation in Florida?

Florida state open container laws dictate that an individual may be held in violation when in possession of an alcoholic beverage that is open and immediately accessible to a driver or passenger in a vehicle. While many individuals simply accept the penalties associated with a standard open container citation, those who have a knowledgeable Florida traffic ticket attorney at their disposal understand that fighting an open container traffic ticket may not be quite as impossible as originally thought. In fact, the right defense could minimize and or potentially lead to a full dismissal.

There are a lot of gray areas concerning open container laws in Florida. While this is often overlooked or misunderstood by common offenders, it is a legitimate point of focus for those who prefer to avoid the penalties associated with such a traffic infringement. Law enforcement officers who issue the open container citation must rely on their perception of the scene in order to make a proper determination of guilt. This is something that can be hotly contested in court, and a qualified Florida traffic ticket attorney can devise a strategy that may put you in the best position to defend yourself to success.

Fighting Back Against Open Container Citations in Florida

Golden Traffic Ticket Law is a law firm that focuses on providing quality legal representation and services to clients from all walks of life that have been issued citations for violating Florida open container laws. Attorney Golden proudly served two terms as a member of the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern Law.

Clients who choose to work with the firm have direct access to Attorney Golden via telephone when needed. The firm is dedicated to showing clients the way to success through organized strategies and aggressive representation and may be able to help minimize or even eliminate your penalties completely. We know it is important to get this issue resolved, and we offer a free consultation with Attorney Golden. Call our office at (954) 680-7575.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket lawyer if you have been issued a ticket for open container in your vehicle, and want to discuss your legal options for defense with an established and qualified professional.

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