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Failure to Yield Right of Way

Florida Penalties for Failure to Yield Right of Way Infractions

Failure to yield right of way is a traffic ticket that is most often issued when a driver causes an accident by failing to yield the right of way to another driver. There are a number of different scenarios in which a driver may have to yield to another as per Florida state traffic laws, but unfortunately, these laws are not always completely clear in every situation. As a result, drivers may find it difficult to determine who should yield at an intersection, before a traffic control device and more. When a citation is issued for this type of moving violation, the driver may contest it and can do so with the assistance of a skilled Florida traffic ticket attorney who gets results.

Although a law enforcement officer may issue a ticket for failure to yield right of way, this does not mean the officer is always correct. Determining whether a driver failed to yield in the right circumstances can seem to be a matter of opinion when the law appears vague at best. While a failure to yield right of way infraction may not be as serious as a DUI, vehicular manslaughter or some other traffic violations, the costs associated with penalty fines and fees can grow to be rather significant. Every driver has the right to contest this type of citation.

Quality Traffic Violation Defense Representation

For years, Golden Traffic Ticket Law has assisted clients who have received citations and tickets for traffic violations such as speeding, traffic light violations, leaving the scene, disobeying the Move Over Law and many others. The firm prides itself on success through organization, execution, and attention to detail which can translate to minimized penalties or dismissal of a citation entirely in court. Contesting illegitimate or unfounded charges is an important aspect of the legal process, and Attorney Golden and his staff of qualified legal professionals and counsel will do everything possible to pursue a favorable conclusion. You can speak directly to Attorney Golden in a free consultation about your case by calling (954) 680-7575.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket attorney if you have received a citation for failure to yield right of way and need dedicated legal support.

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