100% Guarantee *Some restrictions apply, call for details. Please note that fines/court costs may apply, and are additional.

Palm Beach County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Defense

Golden Traffic Ticket Law provides experienced representation to individuals throughout Palm Beach County. Their founding attorney proudly served two terms on the Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee and has taken part in over 50,000 cases. The firm believes in being honest with its clients and making legal help affordable. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your rate will vary from $49 to $149 at the most. Some restrictions apply, call for details. Fines/court costs may apply and are additional. For civil infractions, we guarantee or your money back:

  • You will NOT be found guilty.
  • You will NOT have to appear in court.
  • You will NOT have to attend driving school.
  • You will NOT receive any points on your permanent driving record (extremely important for insurance rate purposes.)

Some restrictions apply, call for details. Contact a Palm Beach County traffic ticket attorney at the firm today for immediate assistance with traffic tickets, speeding, traffic light violations, stop sign violations, suspended license, driving with revoked license, the move over law, minor driving without license, DUI, leaving the scene, open container, failure to yield right of way, expired/no drivers' license, registration violations, traffic control devices, improper lane change, careless/reckless driving, no passing zone, bench warrants, and the point system. For a free consultation with Attorney Golden, we invite you to call (954) 680-7575.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Palm Beach County

In our state, traffic tickets for excessive speed and other violations do not carry criminal penalties. However, they still have the potential to negatively impact your driving record and your life. Many traffic tickets, if not addressed, result in demerit points on your drivers' license. If you accumulate enough points, you could experience consequences such as increased vehicle insurance rates, or the suspension or revocation of your license. Attending traffic school may help you reduce or avoid points on your license, but this is not always an option and it may not be the most optimum way to address a ticket. If you have been given a ticket for a traffic violation, it is recommended that you contact an attorney at Golden Traffic Ticket Law. An attorney at the firm will provide you with aggressive representation that may result in your ticket being dismissed.

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If you have a received a ticket for a traffic violation, contact a Palm Beach County traffic ticket lawyer who will fight for your violation to be reduced or dismissed.

The physical office location (for purposes of creating a hard copy file) is in Broward County. However, we can handle all of your traffic matters in all of the above referenced 19 counties throughout the State of Florida. In all cases, court coverage is provided by highly qualified traffic law attorney who is extremely knowledgeable as to local rules and procedures and have extensive experience. Call the office today, and we can help you with your ticket over the phone in just a few moments.

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