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Golden Traffic Ticket Law is a law firm that focuses on Florida traffic law, and nothing else. The firm strongly supports the right of drivers to contest their citations and seek alternative solutions, and even dismissal of their charges.

In Florida, driving with a suspended license is a serious traffic violation that occurs when an individual operates a motor vehicle while their license has been suspended by the state for some driving infraction.

Your license can be suspended for charges pertaining to:

The inability to drive to and from work or to meet one's family or personal obligations due to a suspended license can be extremely frustrating, but the consequences of a suspended license violation can only make things worse.

In situations where a driver simply cannot do without the use of their vehicle for the term of a license suspension, a Florida traffic ticket attorney may be utilized to help to find an alternative solution that the court finds acceptable. In some cases, offenders may be authorized to attend traffic school or receive an occupational license so that they may continue to meet their many obligations.

Fighting Suspended License Violations in Court

A qualified attorney can provide the kind of facts and evidence surrounding the infraction that can prove invaluable in the eyes of the court. All too often, ticketed drivers simply comply with the penalties they are assessed, or worse, they continue to commit violations in order to meet their obligations and risk additional consequences as a result.

Many drivers simply comply with their punishment when inflicted with a traffic violation, but clients of the firm can count on receiving a high quality level of legal support, advice, and representation from Attorney Golden himself, and not some assistant who knows little to nothing about your case. Golden Traffic Ticket Law may be able to provide you with the most favorable outcome for any traffic ticket violation you may have been issued.

How Do I Reinstate My Suspended License in Florida?

Your driver’s license may be suspended for the following factors:

  • Failing to follow traffic summons

  • Failing to finish driver improvement school

  • Falining to pay a fine

  • Failing to pay citations received from another state

If your license was suspended for the following reasons, you can show a reinstatement fee to any Florida driver license center or you can call 850-617-3000 to pay the reinstatement fee over the phone.

How do I Get My License Back After a DUI in Florida?

You can get your license back after a DUI for business or employment purposes. To apply for the reinstatement you must follow the following steps:

  • For first convictions, you must complete DUI school and apply to FLHSMV for hearing for possible hardship reinstatement. Mandatory ignition interlock device (IID) for up to six months for BAL of .15.

  • Second Conviction within five years, there is a five-year revocation period. You can apply for a hardship reinstatement hearing after one year. You must also complete DUI school and remain in the DUI supervision program for the remainder of the revocation period.

  • A third conviction within 10 years of a prior conviction, 10-year revocation. May apply for hardship reinstatement hearing after two years. Must complete DUI school and remain in the DUI supervision program for the remainder of the revocation period.

  • For a DUI manslaughter conviction with no prior DUI-related conviction, there is a permanent revocation.

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