Expired or No Drivers' License

Driving Without a Valid License or an Expired License

Driving without a valid license, or driving with a license that has expired, is a criminal traffic violation in the state of Florida that can have serious consequences. A license may be revoked, suspended or canceled for any number of reasons including accumulation of points or conviction of other criminal offenses like DUI, drug offenses and others. If you are caught operating your vehicle after your license has been suspended or revoked, you can face up to 60 days in jail, probation, and a fine of up to $1000. In addition, three such charges could result in a complete revocation of your driver's license. It can be a real challenge to contest your charges in court, but these tickets can be fought and can be successfully won with the assistance of a qualified Florida traffic ticket attorney.

Finding the Right Florida Traffic Law Defense

Golden Traffic Ticket Law is a small, focused law firm that is committed to helping clients navigate through and pursue a favorable result in traffic violations. From driving without a license, to speeding, to DUI, Golden Traffic Ticket Law is available to assist those in need. One of the most significant benefits with this firm is that the client is able to speak with Attorney Golden directly, allowing you to have confidence when moving forward in legal proceedings concerning your case. The number one priority of any traffic ticket lawyer should be to minimize or fully relieve you of liability for the infractions you've been accused of, and our firm has a great deal of experience in doing just that.

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