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Defending Traffic Light Violations in Florida

Traffic Light Tickets and Penalties

Running traffic lights is common in Florida, and drivers across the sunshine state are routinely ticketed for traffic light violations of this and other kinds. Despite the seeming clarity of traffic laws in Florida as they pertain to traffic lights and other traffic control devices like walk signals and school crossings, there are always situations that may justify why the violation had to occur. Although avoiding motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents and other obstacles may seem justifiable, the court may not always see it that way.

The penalties associated with traffic light violations in Florida can be costly, even if the violation itself cannot be considered serious in comparison to other traffic violations. In many cases, the amount of the citation is only half the ultimate total when administrative costs, surcharges or other mandatory court fees are added. The higher these costs go, the more sense it may make to explore your options with a traffic ticket attorney in Florida who knows how to fight back and get the most favorable results in court.

Avoiding Maximum Penalties for Running a Red Light

Golden Traffic Ticket Law is a law office that focuses solely on helping drivers fight the traffic tickets they have been issued by Florida traffic law enforcement. While Golden Traffic Ticket Law is small enough to be able to treat each and every client with the highest level of priority and care, the firm is also experienced and large enough to handle virtually any type of traffic violation that can occur. When clients call, they can speak to Attorney Golden personally, and not an assistant or intern who may not be able to give you the direct insight you need. Ours is considered a quality Florida traffic ticket law firm because of the hard work and dedication we bring to any and every case. You can get more information and talk to Attorney Golden directly in a free consultation by calling 1- 877-680-7575.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket attorney if you have been issued a citation for running a red light or disobeying traffic signals, and want to fight the citation.

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