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Improper Lane Change Infractions

Are improper lane change citations common?

Improper lane changes occur when a driver changes lanes without there being a clear open path. This citation can be issued by law enforcement as an action that leads to an accident or in situations where no accident has occurred at all. A common traffic ticket issued in the state of Florida, improper lane changes rely heavily upon the eyewitness testimony of an officer. Additionally, sufficient evidence to show an improper change of lane can go a long way to prove your guilt in traffic court. A skilled Florida traffic ticket attorney can help you fight to minimize penalties and should be considered when fighting virtually any kind of traffic violation.

Far too often, drivers who are ticketed with an improper lane change concede their guilt simply by paying the ticket. A closer look, however, may reveal that there is not sufficient evidence to show that a violation was committed. Those who choose not to fight the accusations imposed against them may be required to pay fines, administration costs and other charges related to the ticket or court costs. Further, valuable points may be added to your drivers' license which can ultimately lead to suspension and additional fines.

Fight Your Improper Lane Change Ticket in Florida Court

Golden Traffic Ticket Law is dedicated to the task of relieving drivers of the responsibility of paying fines that may not actually be deserved due to any number of reasons. Attorney Golden, along with his loyal of counsel attorneys have 35 years of combined experience in traffic cases involving speeding, failure to obey the Move Over Law, traffic light violations, driving with a revoked license and much more. As a result, the firm has gained invaluable experience and can build a strategic approach that seeks to minimize your penalties, or remove them entirely if the case against you can be successfully disproven.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket attorney if you have been cited for an improper lane change and want to discuss the best steps moving forward with a qualified legal professional. Call for a free consultation with Attorney Golden at 1- 877-680-7575.

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