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Florida Bench Warrants

Understanding How Florida Bench Warrants Work

Bench warrants are commonly issued by judges in an effort to call for the arrest of an individual who is found to be in contempt of court, who fails to appear in response to a jury summons, or who does not appear for a mandatory scheduled court date. Most traffic tickets do not require an appearance in court but for those that do, a bench warrant can be issued that will result in your arrest, and subsequent transport to appear in court.

Bench warrants can be very difficult to defend against, since law enforcement is essentially given the power to arrest you on sight. Arrests can occur at home or at the workplace, and even in the case of a poorly-timed traffic violation like speeding or failure to obey no passing zone laws. When a bench warrant is issued in your name, you must take immediate action or face the consequences. It is better to resolve the matter on your own terms rather than allow the law to take action, and a Florida traffic ticket attorney can prove to be a significant advantage when attempting to resolve an outstanding bench warrant in your name.

High-Quality Bench Warrant Support in Florida

Golden Traffic Ticket Law has a deep understanding of Florida bench warrants and how they can be applied to traffic law violations in particular. Many drivers fail to appear in court because they do not realize that the court date is mandatory, while others may have good reason to have not appeared. No matter the case, Golden Traffic Ticket Law is available to assist any and all individuals who face the repercussions of a bench warrant. Clients find comfort knowing they can speak directly with Attorney Golden rather than an intern or associate who may not know the specifics of their case. Through hard work, dedication and skill, Attorney Golden and his reputable of counsel attorneys may minimize the effects of your bench warrant, and may even be able to eliminate the consequences entirely. Contact us for a free initial consultation at 1-877-680-7575.

Contact a Florida traffic ticket lawyer if you have an issue with a bench warrant and would like professional legal assistance in resolving it.

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